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The Eurabian Nightmare

A lunchtime seminar by the journalist and author Matt Carr

Matt Carr is one of the first thinkers to explore and explode the myths underpinning the dangerous concept of Eurabia - being popularised by a range of authors including Melanie Phillips and Oriana Fallaci (in Italy).

In the July issue of Race & Class, he argues that in recent years an increasingly influential intellectual consensus on both sides of the Atlantic has presented Europe as a doomed and decadent continent that is being transformed into an Islamic colony called 'Eurabia'. What began as an outlandish conspiracy theory has become a dangerous Islamophobic fantasy that has moved ever closer towards mainstream respectability, as conservative historians and newspaper columnists, right-wing Zionists and European neo-fascists find common cause in the threat to 'Judeo-Christian' civilisation from Muslim immigrants with supposedly incompatible cultural values.

(Race & Class containing the article 'You are now entering Eurabia' by Matt Carr, plus 'Dispatches' by John Berger, 'Abu Ghraib, imprisonment and the "war on terror"' by Avery Gordon and 'They had to die: assassination against liberation' by Victoria Brittain will be available at the seminar.)

This seminar will be a discussion - not a debate - aimed at facilitating a genuine exchange of views and ideas between speakers and participants.


Mr Matt Carr | talks | www


Date and Time:

17 July 2006 at 1:00 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



Institute of Race Relations
2-6 Leeke St

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Available from:

Seats are limited so please let us know by phone (020 7837 0041) or email (info@irr.org.uk) if you wish to attend, or if there are other people that you think should be invited to participate.

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