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language as a window into human nature

For a change, here's a link to a great talk on language by Steven Pinker

The Editor's pick:

Wednesday 7 December HOW LONDON BECAME THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH 4/6 THE COURSE offers art history lectures, guided museum visits and London walks.

In this series of 6 lectures and 6 accompanying walks we will show HOW LONDON BECAME THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH

More than any other country on the planet, Britain has pooled its constitutional, financial and cultural forces within its capital. This 6 part series of lectures and 6accompanying walks will explore how, over 2,000 years, London has dealt with six of those forces: the monarchy; the law; religion; finance; entertainment; and education. The story of the Reformation, of constitutional monarchy, of Shakespearean theatre, of the public school, of the common law, the story of Britain.... They can all be told through London's unique collection of buildings.

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Thursday 8 December Large Hadron Collider update How the Higgs boson was found at CERN, what experiments have been done since, what might lie ahead.

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Thursday 8 December From Exodus 1947 to Lampedusa: Jewish Refugees and Other Boat People With Professor Tony Kushner

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Thursday 8 December Disability History Month at the RCN For the RCN’s centenary, we look at the achievements of nurses and health care workers with disabilities over the last 100 years

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Thursday 8 December 'Precious Relics': Hair Jewellery and the Victorians Explore the Victorian's enthusiasm for wearing jewellery containing human hair and what they stood for.

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