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language as a window into human nature

For a change, here's a link to a great talk on language by Steven Pinker

The Editor's pick:

Friday 15 December Christmas Quacks: the making of BBC2’s ‘Quacks’ Meet the team behind BBC TV's 'Quacks' over mince pies and mulled wine

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Sunday 17 December Bach, the Universe and Everything - Antimatter Matters The music: It’s Christmas time, so we perform a cantata Bach wrote for the festive period, 1723. It’s not all comfort and joy, though – this one has a serious message about Jesus conquering the devil.

The science: Bach’s music was all about symmetries. Professor Tara Shears also works in symmetries. A world expert in antimatter, she’ll explain how these elusive particles involve symmetries that are almost, but not quite perfect.

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Monday 18 December Proclus on Dialectic Exploring the development of dialect through the writings of Proclus

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Sunday 14 January Bach, the Universe and Everything - Time and Vision The music: To mark the New Year, we’ll be performing a cantata Bach wrote for New Year’s Day. As well as three solo singers, it’s notable for its unusual instruments, including timpani and three horns.

The science: Joining us is experimental physicist Helen Gleeson, who produced the first graphene-based liquid crystal device in collaboration with the team that discovered the wonder material at the University of Manchester.

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Monday 29 January Roddy Doyle One of Ireland’s best-loved writers makes his first appearance at the Irish Literary Society.

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